Your Recovery and Aftercare | Delray Beach Surgery Center

Your Recovery and Aftercare

Your health and the type of procedure determines how much time you will need to recover. The length of time that patients spend in the recovery area ranges from an hour to a few hours. Keep in mind that you may feel sleepy, or have some discomfort afterwards. Letting your nurse know how you feel is important.

Your doctor will provide you with post-procedure instructions regarding rest, diet, and medication. A written summary of these instructions will be provided. The Delray Beach Surgery Center’s nursing staff will go over these instructions to be certain that you understand them. When you are fully alert, comfortable, and medically stable, we will help you get ready for your trip home. Keep in mind that you MUST have an escort. Patients are NOT allowed to drive themselves home after a procedure here.

Someone should stay with you following your procedure so that you have access to help should you need it. In the rare event that you need help, you should contact your doctor.

The following business day after your procedure, one of the Surgery Center nurses will call you at home to check your progress. Prior to discharge, you will be given a patient satisfaction survey. By taking a few minutes to respond and return the survey, you will help us in helping other patients.

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