The Day of Your Procedure | Delray Beach Surgery Center

The Day of Your Procedure

The Day of Your Procedure• Bathe or shower and brush your teeth – take care not to swallow any water.
• Remove contact lenses and make-up. Please leave jewelry and valuables at home.
• Dress comfortably. Casual, loose fitting clothes and flat-heeled shoes are suggested.
• Bring your insurance cards, any insurance forms, and proof of identification.
• Bring any special items your physician has requested, such as crutches.
• Do not wear cologne or perfume.

It is important that you arrive on time and promptly begin admitting preparation. A parent or legal guardian must be present to sign Consent Forms if the patient is a minor.

The person driving you home will be able to wait comfortably during your procedure. To maximize the comfort of everyone waiting, we ask that only one person accompany you. However, both parents of our pediatric patients are welcome. A parent or guardian is required to accompany the child or minor during their stay at the center.

After Your Procedure

recoveryYour physician will provide post procedure instructions regarding rest, diet and medication. A written summary of these instructions will be provided. Be certain you understand them. We will gladly address your questions.

The length of time you are in the recovery area after surgery will vary according to the type of procedure performed and your physician’s instructions. When you are alert, comfortable, and medically stable you will be discharged.

Plan to have someone stay with you for 24 hours following your procedure.

If you have any concerns or unexpected questions after you get home, do not hesitate to call your physician.

Within a few days after your procedure, we will call you at home to check your progress.

Thank you for choosing the Delray Beach Surgery Center. We will do everything possible to deserve your confidence and pave the way to a successful and rapid recovery.

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