MISSION & VISION | Delray Beach Surgery Center


Our Mission:
Delray Beach Surgery Center, with its access to minimally invasive procedures, as well as, compassionate and responsive outpatient services, is dedicated exclusively to outpatient surgery and is setting the standard for quality and service in the community. Serving North Broward and South Palm Beach Counties, the Delray Beach Surgery Center is committed to providing patients with state-of-the-art Ophthalmology, G.I., Cosmetic, Pain Management Care, ENT, Orthopedics, Podiatry, and Spine Surgery.

Our Vision:
Our Vision at Delray Beach Surgery Center is to be the leading ambulatory surgical center for residents of North Broward and South Palm Beach Counties. The Delray Beach Surgery Center is a special place. It is more than a facility with modern medical equipment and technology. Delray Beach Surgery Center is a team of proud and talented medical and nursing professionals; professionals who live in the community. We are neighbors who are committed to excellence in both customer service and patient care.

We will do everything we can to make guests feel welcome and comfortable. Patients and their family members will experience a level of service that is uncommon in healthcare settings today. We will go above and beyond what is expected in a healthcare facility.

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