FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQs) | Delray Beach Surgery Center


What do I need to bring with me on the day of surgery?
Bring your insurance cards, any insurance forms, and proof of identification.
Bring any special items your physician has requested, such as crutches.

How should I dress?
Dress comfortably. Casual, loose fitting clothes and flat-heeled shoes are suggested. Bring a sweater.
Please leave jewelry and valuables at home. Please do not use cologne or perfume.

When should I arrive?
Generally speaking, you should plan on arriving approximately 60 minutes before your scheduled surgery time. However, a nurse from the pre-operative department will call you prior to your surgery date to give you a specific time to arrive.

Will I be able to drive home?
No. Anesthesia, whether local or general, affects everyone differently. You should make arrangements for someone to drive you home after surgery. The person driving you home will be able to wait comfortably during your procedure.

How much am I going to have to pay?
That depends upon your specific insurance plan. Most insurance plans have a facility co-pay and/or deductible which must be met by the patient. Your doctor’s fees are separate and any question regarding their professional fee should be directed to their office. For specific information regarding your responsibility to our facility please call our Insurance Verification Department at 954-312-3500 ext. 3548.

How long will the surgery take?
That depends on the type of procedure being done and the specific surgical technique being utilized by your doctor. On average, however, most procedures take about one hour. Thus, you should plan on being at the facility for approximately 3 hours – one hour for pre-op, one hour for the actual surgery, and one hour for recovery.

When must I stop eating?
Eat a light dinner the evening before your procedure. DO NOT EAT OR DRINK ANYTHING AFTER MIDNIGHT. This includes water, hard candy, and chewing gum. This is very important to avoid complications and possible postponement of your procedure.

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